Sáng tạo con đường phát triển của Việt Nam

27/08/2021 06:26

Trong các bài nói và bài viết của Chủ tịch Hồ Chí Minh từ những năm 1920, Người đã nhấn mạnh đặc thù của các nước nhược tiểu châu Á, có thể tiến hành cách mạng giải phóng dân tộc trước cả cách mạng vô sản ở “chính quốc”.

Income Multipliers In Input – Output Analysis: Case Of Vietnam

26/08/2021 10:30

Abstract— The question arises as to which income group will benefit from GDP growth? This paper assesses the success or failure of Vietnam's economic policy through an input - output analysis, the research estimates the spread of final demand to type of income. It proposes some ideas for adjusting macroeconomic policies. In this article, value added is divided into income groups such as: Income of labor groups (labors in the state enterprises; labors in the non-state enterprises and in the FDI sector); operating surplus of state-owned enterprises; operating surplus of non-state sector and operating surplus of FDI sector.

An Approach to Economics-Environmental Relations from Expanding the Input-Output System

25/08/2021 10:44

In the last few decades, the relationship between economy and environment has become the concern of many scholars, there have been many studies linking economic development and environmental pollution. Even the United Nations has introduced an economic-environmental linkage framework such as System of Environmental-Economics Accounts (SEEA) that is compatible with the System of National Accounts (SNA). This study attempts to provide a theoretical framework based on Miyazawa’s ideas on interregional model and demographic-economic model in order to improve the integration between economy and waste

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